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Guardian Shutters

Protect your environment with style.



Have peace of mind and know that your home or business is safe.  Rolling shutters automatically lock when closed down.  Radio remote comes with 16 million rolling codes.  It can also be integrated with your security system or your home automation*

*Contact for more info regarding Integration


Block out 99% of light and UV Rays.  Our shutters and screen can give you the freedom that you've always wanted. It also plays an important role if you have a home theater. Our foam insulation reduces unwanted noise.  It also protects your valuable furniture from damaging UV rays.

Energy Savings

Foam core slats stop 99% of the radiant heat.  Shouldn't you give your air conditioner a hand?  Our rolling shutters and screens can give you that edge you need to save even more on electricity bills.

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At Guardian Shutters we provide the highest quality and standards when it comes to protecting your investment. Whether its your home or business.  For more information about our products please contact Mike Yellen at 619-341-0506 or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it